Meet the SUN Team

Sustainable United Nations

The Sustainable United Nations (SUN) team is made up of individuals based in Geneva, Stockholm, Nairobi and London. Members of the SUN team provide daily support to UN organizations in their journey towards climate neutrality and environmental sustainability.  Good practice and sustainability initiatives are shared across the UN through the communication work carried out by the Greening the Blue campaign.


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Isabella Marras, SUN Facility Coordinator

Isabella is currently the Coordinator of the SUN facility based in Geneva. SUN coordinates the yearly Greening the Blue report, gathering greenhouse gas emissions data from over 60 UN entities worldwide as well as data for waste and water management. Isabella has worked for UN Environment since 1997. Her areas of expertise include sustainable production and consumption, sustainable events, environment management systems and sustainability communications. 


Hillary Green, Emissions Reductions Officer 

Hillary works with the SUN team as the Emissions Reductions Officer and oversees work on greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water inventories and the connected development of a new environmental management software. In addition, she assists UN facility managers with training and one-to-one coaching to reduce emissions reductions from facilities (including waste management), and manages the development of a UN Environment UNFCCC ICAO Sustainable Events Tutorial and greenhouse gas emissions calculator for UN (and other) organizations.

Shoa Ehsani, Sustainability & Climate Neutral Strategy Officer

Shoa works for UN Environment as well as being part of the SUN steam. Shoa’s work includes preparing an annual inventory of UN Environment’s greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, water use, staff sensitization and energy management. He also works on the software needs of the UN’s system for reporting data on environmental sustainability and various other SUN initiatives. He has previously worked with the U.S. Department of Energy, researching the merits of new alternative energy sources. He also has experience in air pollution modeling and air permitting in the U.S and sustainable transportation. 

Emma Håkansson, Environmental Management Systems Officer

Emma is the UN’s Environmental Management Systems Officer, supporting UN organizations in their implementation of environmental management systems (EMS) in line with the international standard ISO 14001. Her work involves collaboration with four EMS pilot organizations, coordinating an EMS working group for exchange of experience among UN organizations, and development of EMS guidance material. Emma is based in Geneva and has been with the SUN team since 2015.


Kristina von Oelreich, Environmental Management Systems Specialist

Kristina is responsible for overseeing the partnership between UN Environment and the Swedish EPA, supporting the implementation of environmental management systems in the UN. The programme is currently being piloted in four selected UN organizations. Kristina has over 20 years' experience implementing and maintaining EMS in different kinds of organizations, mostly in the public sector.



Ariela D'Angiola, SUN/REACT Assistant Project Officer

Ariela works within SUN as part of the joint Economy Division and Ecosystems partnership around the Rapid Environment and Climate Technical Assistance Facility (REACT) project that aims at greening UN Peacekeeping operations. Ariela is well connected with the sustainability Focal Points across the UN, having acted as UN greenhouse gas emissions inventory Help Desk for several years. Ariela also provides support for project management of the SUN project and is involved in the Greening the Blue report, wider campaign implementation and the collection of UN system best practices.

Ivan Blazevic, Sustainability Consultant

Ivan is a consultant advisor to the SUN team, focusing on sustainable operations of buildings and facilities. He played a key role in the delivery of the UN's first waste management inventory. He also supports the Interagency Network of Facilities Managers (INFM) and the Environmental Management Group's (EMG) Peer Review process. Prior to joining the SUN team, Ivan worked on 'greening' the UN peacekeeping operations as well as within humanitarian and private sectors.



Imogen Martineau, Communications Consultant 

Imogen has been a Communications Consultant with the SUN team since 2009. She was responsible for creating the visual identity and online platforms for the Greening the Blue campaign. In addition to the upkeep of the campaign, Imogen assists the SUN team across many of its other activities, including planning, strategy and interaction with the UN’s environmental sustainability Focal Points as well as preparing staff training materials and events. Imogen also provides project management for the team’s annual Greening the Blue report and overall guidance on communication activities and content.

Richard Smith, Environmental Management Systems Specialist

Richard is an Environment Specialist focusing on Management Systems. As a member of the Rapid Environment and Climate Technical Assistance (REACT) facility, Richard supports the implementation of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations' environmental strategy, through targeted assistance to the Peace Keeping Missions on Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation. Richard works with the SUN team to share best practice approaches and lessons learned from the REACT project.