International Day against Nuclear Tests: 29 August 2018

Wed 29/08/18

Since nuclear weapons testing began in the mid-twentieth century, nearly 2,000 tests have taken place across the globe. Established in 2009, the International Day Against Nuclear Tests has raised the profile of the devastating effects that nuclear testing has on human life. Through a co-ordinated and dynamic mix of activities, including conferences, media broadcasts, publications, symposia and others, it is the United Nations’ (UN) belief that “every effort should be made to end nuclear tests in order to avert the devastating and harmful effects on the lives and health of people.”

The International Day Against Nuclear Tests fosters ideas of a future free of nuclear weapons and testing. While there have been visible signs of progress that support this growing optimism, challenges still lie in the path of the UN’s ultimate objective: to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

It is the hope of the UN that one day all nuclear weapons will be eliminated. Until that day comes, there will be a need to observe International Day against Nuclear Tests as we work towards promoting peace and security world-wide.

More information on 2018 celebrations to follow soon.