IMG Focal Points

Moving the UN system towards greater sustainability requires collective action. It is a prime opportunity for the UN system to act as one. Shared ideas, tools and experiences will cut investment costs and payback times, and make emissions reduction easier for each participating organization.

Each UN organization has a nominated Focal Point to sit on the Environment Management Group (EMG) Issue Management Group (IMG) on Environmental Sustainability Management (ESM).  Focal Points have been appointed to coordinate the sustainability management process throughout their respective organizations and to keep methodologies and measures up-to-date and harmonized with the other UN organizations.

List of Focal Points:


Organization Designated Sustainability Management Focal Point
UN  HQ Violaine Haeringer
CBD    Paulo Tagliari
CITES    Susanne Bengtsson
CMS   Melanie Virtue
CTBTO   Higa Isaku
DFS/DPKO Sungmin Patricia Kim
ECA Mohammed Yunus
EC   Leslie Cleland
ECLAC    Andrea Henrichsent
ESCAP  Anne Mattews
ESCWA    Halim Nader
FAO    Tina Mittendorf
GEF    Robert K. Dixon
IAEA    Paul J Kilmartin
ICAO    Lorenzo Gavilli
IFAD    Matthias Meyerhans
IFC    Sarah Raposa
ILO   Raynald Dubuis
IMO    Jo Espinoza-Ferrey
IMF Evelyn Nash
ITC    Alexander Kasterine
ITU    Peter Ransome
JIU    Ruvan de Alwis
OHCHR    Karina Holm
OICT    Segolene de Basquiat
OPCW    Rutger van den Hoven
Ramsar Convention  Dr Christopher Briggs
Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions Marylene Beau
UNAIDS  Susan Bolvenkel-Prior
UNCCD   K. Somarajan Pillai
UNCDF    Fernando Zarauz
UNCTAD   Lucas Assunção
UNDESA    Federica Pietracci
UNDP Andrew Hudson
UNEP    Shoa Ehsani
UNESCO    Sachin Bhatt
UNFCCC    Dragoslav Jovanovic
UNFPA    Oliver Buehler
UN Global Compact    Lila Karbassi
UN-HABITAT   Delillah Miriti
UNHCR    Stephen Ingles
UNICEF   Alex Heikens
UNIDO    Diego Masera
UN/ISDR    Frédéric Delpech
UNITAR    Angus Mackay
UN Office in Geneva    Jana Warming
UN Office in Nairobi    Talia Owen-Frigyik
UN Office in Vienna    Michele Rogat
UNOPS    Rodel Urmatan
UNRWA    Neil Ashcroft
UNU   Nobuyuki Kawade
UNV    Svend Amdi Madsen
UPU    Anne-Claire Blet
UN Women Marianna Belsky
UNWTO   Philippe Lemaistre
WFP    Georgina Stickels
WHO   Maria Maiero
WIPO    Isabelle Boutillon
WMO    Angiolo Rolli
World Bank    Adam Rubinfield
WSSCC    Eileen Palmer

Devin McDaniels