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Make a pledge

To move the UN towards carbon neutrality requires the help of all UN staff, consultants, interns and volunteers.

We can all be part of creating a more sustainable UN, simply by making small changes in our day-to-day work. Make a pledge to fly less or start an office recycling programme – every action counts and will help to reduce the UN’s emissions of carbon dioxide.

We’ve put together some simple ideas to inspire you. You can choose from our selection, or create your own pledges.

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Greening the Blue: the tutorial

The tutorial is designed for UN staff, highlighting the work that's underway across the UN System to improve its environmental performance and providing helpful advice on how each individual can contribute to that effort, by calculating and reducing their own footprint....

Down to earth

Many UN staff have to travel regularly just to get their jobs done. Yet travel is responsible for 54% of the UN’s reported 2016 greenhouse gas emissions - 42% from air travel and the remainder (12%) from road and rail travel. Find out how you can reduce your travel-related carbon-footprint, and what the UN is doing to help you...

Less is more

Using too many resources is at the heart of the sustainability challenge facing the planet. Yet we all have the power to use resources in better, more efficient ways. Find out how you can help through the choices and decisions you make every day at work...

Switch it off

In 2015, purchased electricity accounted for 11% of the UN's greenhouse gas emissions. Obviously electricity provides light, heat and cooling in our offices, whilst powering all our office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, telephones and computers. 'Switch it off' shows how you can help to reduce the amount of energy the UN uses, to support efforts being taken in your organization...

Bon appetit

We are what we eat, so to be truly sustainable we need to eat better. The choices you make daily - whether you provide your own lunch, eat in the canteen or go out - can have a big impact on the environment. Follow our tips to make sure you choose the BEST lunch available...

Green champions

Are you interested in green issues? Do you think there's more to be done in your office to reduce environmental impacts? Would you like to get more involved? If so, you could become a Green Champion and play a key role in moving the UN towards ever greater sustainability...