Green champions

Are you interested in green issues? Are you convinced that more could be done in your office to reduce environmental impacts? Would you like to get more involved in efforts to green the UN? If so, you could become a Green Champion.

Green Champions are UN staff, consultants and interns who want to go a step further than just reducing their own environmental footprint. They are involved in helping to promote sustainability issues amongst staff in their area. Champions are, effectively, local campaigners who support Greening the Blue through direct action and communications at the local level.

Some Green Champions have established Green Groups that meet together on a voluntary basis to identify activities to enhance the sustainability performance of their organizations. Others work alone. It’s up to you, but whatever you do, we’ll help you to do it.


How do I become a Green Champion?


Simply send an email to [email protected] giving your name, contact details, organization and a brief overview of what you’d like to do. You will be added to the contact list and introduced to your Sustainability Management Focal Point as well as the other Green Champions in your organization.


Is there a limit to the number of Green Champions in any organization?


No. We welcome as many people to become Green Champions as possible, and encourage Champions to work together - both within and between UN organizations.


How do I find out about other Green Champions in my organization?


You can check against our List of active Green Champions.


What sort of things can a Green Champion do?


There are loads of ways in which you can help to improve the sustainability performance of your organization. For ideas, see our Top Tips for Green Champions and our activities page, which lists some of the things you can do.


What resources are available to Green Champions?


Check out our Staff engagement toolkit. You’ll find ready made posters, emails to staff, stories for your intranet, as well as PowerPoint presentations. We’ll also keep you up to date with specific campaigns from Greening the Blue. These campaigns will be launched every two months, with new resources and materials to assist you in getting the message out to your audiences.


What have other Green Champions achieved?


Check out our Case Studies of what Green Champions and green groups across the UN have already achieved.

And if you've got any ideas for Green Champions, or examples of what's been achieved, please let us know using the comments function below:

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