Tue 02/08/11
The World Bank has arranged its own Bike to Work Day as a part of Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s greater ride-to-work event. The initiative proved a great success with over 40 bankers taking part. As Karen Azeez, a Junior Professional...
Fri 28/01/11
Long shifts at the wheel on rutted tracks or through the mud are all in a day’s work for a WFP driver. Whether transporting staff or supplies in the field, trawling through city traffic, or crossing deserts to visit remote project sites, WFP’s...
Tue 25/01/11
Rising oil prices, tighter environmental legislation and growing consumer awareness are already making their mark on one of the most carbon hungry industries of them all - the motor industry. In a sign of the times, vehicle manufacturers are now...
Wed 12/01/11
Just over three years ago ICAO launched its first Environmental Report, which brought together a vast array of information regarding aviation and environmental protection. Building on the success of the 2007 report, ICAO has launched a second report...
Mon 20/12/10
Global environmental problems sometimes appear to be beyond our control as individuals. The reality is that UN staff can contribute a lot in their day-to-day lives to building a more sustainable world – beginning in their own organizations.
Mon 20/12/10
In the spirit of Greening the UN, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has installed bicycles at its Geneva headquarters to facilitate the commuting of staff.
Wed 10/11/10
As part of a concerted effort to 'green' UN peacekeeping operations, an intensive training programme for UN peacekeeping missions on environmental matters is taking place at UNEP headquarters in Nairobi.
Tue 31/08/10
Travel is responsible for approximately 50% of the United Nations’ climate footprint and represents a major cost - over US$ 1 billion per year for the collective UN family. At the same time, travel is an essential means by which the UN delivers...
Mon 14/06/10
The in-house greening team at the United Nations Environment Programme, known as Step-by-Step, has awarded its annual prize for the greenest UNEP office.And this year’s winner is…. the New York office.
Wed 31/03/10
The United Nations system in China teamed up with China Bicycle Association (CBA) and other partners to promote an environmentally-friendly transport mode with a cycling event around the Sanlitun area in Beijing today. During the event, Giant...