Celebrating WED in Ecuador

Wed, 02/07/14

Driven by a desire to make their projects and operations environmentally responsible, the UN Volunteers (UNV) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) teams in Ecuador used World Environment Day as the occasion to launch their greening plan. Staff in Ecuador have conducted an internal awareness campaign highlighting the impact of staff activities such as transportation, food and resource consumption. The campaign aims to unite UNV and UNDP staff in Ecuador in activities to reduce their carbon footprint.

Milena Naranjo, National UN Volunteer working on Environment and Energy at UNDP Ecuador explains:

“We are aware that our actions and our way of life cause an impact and have an effect on climate change… We now have a great opportunity to take stock and plan strategies internally.”

(Lena Priesemann and Milena Naranjo. UNV members)

To begin with, staff calculated the internal carbon footprint of the UNDP office to obtain an accurate inventory of greenhouse gas emissions. Alongside this a campaign was conducted to promote the sustainable use of resources. A “Green Guide” has been created (in Spanish) utilizing tools from the www.greeningtheblue.org website.

Information about the carbon reduction activities underway is being displayed and promoted on information panels and in social networks around the building. Staff are being encouraged to cycle or walk wherever possible, take the stairs rather than elevators, and to organize carpooling with their colleagues. Recycling bins are being introduced to sort paper and plastic waste. Reminder notes such as “turn off the light at the end of the day”, “take the stairs” and “do not waste water” have been distributed in all UNDP offices in Ecuador.

The team hope that other offices will follow their example and that their activities will inspire others. 

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