DRC UNDP office now powered entirely by solar

Thu, 30/06/16

The UNDP office in the city of Bukavu now generates all the electricity it needs via a solar-powered system. A total of 105 solar panels feed 96 batteries which produce 4.5Mwh – enough to power the entire building. The system, which has an expected lifetime of 25 years, embodies the aims of the UN ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ initiative launched by the Secretary-General in 2011.

At the inauguration of the solar-powered system, Mr. Yahya Ba, UNDP’s director of operations in the D.R.C., reiterated the ambition that everyone should have access to a reliable, durable and modern source of energy. Not only does the new system mean that operations are no longer interrupted by intermittent power failures but, given that the office is no longer reliant on a generator fuelled by petrol, it also offers considerable cost savings. The UNDP team in Bukavu now has continuous internet access and can connect to video-conferencing facilities when required.



On a broader scale, the UNDP has supported the D.R.C. in carrying out a province-by-province analysis of energy supply and needs with a view to improving access to reliable sources of energy for the wider population. In terms of natural resources i.e. solar, hydro and wind-related, the country has an immense advantage, but at present these are all under-utilised.

The solar-powered system that is proving so successful in Bukavu will also be rolled out in North Kivu, most notably at the UNDP compound in Goma which will become the second UNDP facility in the D.R.C. to be powered entirely by solar energy.

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