Energy Efficiency At WMO Headquarters

Wed, 31/03/10

The new World Meteorlogical Organization (WMO) headquarters building reflects the organization’s commitment to environmental protection and energy efficient management.

A system of Canadian wells runs vertically through the building, through which cold air is drawn up, rising as it heats up, thereby maintaining the building at a constant temperature between 20 and 26 degrees Centigrade.

An innovative double façade – or protective skin outside the core of the building – functions as a thermal flue. When closed, the outer skin provides insulation from cold weather in winter, and shade from over-heating in the summer. The outer skin also provides an effective ventilation system to complement the Canadian wells – in the summer automatic ventilators operate during the hours before dawn, drawing in cold air from the basement through stairwells.

Glass interior walls make optimal use of natural light, reducing costs from artificial lighting. Further savings are achieved through motion sensors to activate lighting and the use of energy efficient bulbs. 

Categories: Buildings, Energy