ESCAP: Green Offices In Bangkok

Wed, 31/03/10

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) has been actively promoting an environmentally friendly work culture in its buildings in Bangkok since 2002

It formed its own working group on energy efficiency in 2005 to identify potential options for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly approach to many aspects of work and day-to-day practices. To reduce carbon emissions and to improve environmental performance, ESCAP initiated a number of greening and staff awareness activities through the provision of appropriate guidance and participation in environmental activities.

‘Green Boards’ were placed in strategic positions around the building complex. Made entirely of recycled materials, the boards display information on energy-saving and greening projects. They also feature related articles of interest, data and reports. Other awareness-raising activities include multiple reminders to staff and visitors. All internal doors carry signs to keep them closed at all times, while office entrances feature everyday advice on how to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Waste recycling is encouraged by placing recycling stations on every floor of the complex with separate bins for office paper, magazines and brochures, plastic bottles, cans and batteries. In addition, every desk and workstation has two bins, one for general waste and one for recyclable materials. This enables staff members to separate waste at their desks and, so less recyclable waste is spoiled. Monthly records of recycling quantities by floor are posted on the FMU intranet site to inform staff on the results of their efforts.

To promote the use of emissions-efficient transportation, car parks have been fitted with 50 display boards with information on environmental friendly behavior and alternatives. In support of reducing individual car travel, the ESCAP online discussion board facilitates the organization of car-pooling and encourages its staff to engage in existing car pools. In addition, a notice board for posting requests and offers has been placed in the main entrance of the Secretariat Building.

Categories: Staff Engagement, Travel, Waste