The Future We Want: your voice at Rio+20

Tue, 12/06/12

Between 20th - 22nd June world leaders will meet in Rio de Janerio for the second United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.  Twenty years on from the original conference, against a background of rising global populations and climate change impacts, the issues to be discussed are more pressing than ever.  

At Rio+20 decision-makers at the highest level will set down a global commitment to build a green economy to lift people out of poverty, support developing countries in finding a green path for development, and find ways to improve international coordination for sustainable development.

The Future We Want is a global campaign to collect ideas from all over the world and allow individuals to contribute their ideas and visions for the future we want.

Launching the campaign in November 2011, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon explained:

We need to imagine a different future. What would our world look like if everyone had access to the food they need, to an education, and to the energy that is required to develop? What would our communities look like if we created a vibrant, job-rich, green economy? This is the future we want.

You can get involved by sharing your views with Rio+20 Dialogues

Following a two-month online discussion, over 10,000 participants have produced a list of 100 recommendations, divided between ten themes.   You can select which of the recommendations you feel most passionately about - developing a network of marine protection areas, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies or eliminating malnutrition caused by poverty, for example - and so influence which ones will be presented to the Heads of State during the Rio +20 Summit. 

It is expected that the Heads of State will designate UN agencies to carry out, or conduct research into, some of the recommendations.