Going Green - photocopy paper at UNHQ

Thu, 02/02/12

UNHQ in New York is advancing global efforts to reduce the UN system’s footprint. The Department of Management is pleased to announce that a new contract for the provision of environmentally friendly photocopy paper has been implemented by the Commercial Activities Service in cooperation with the Procurement Division, both in the Office of Central Support Services. 

In thier continued effort to provide environmentally responsible products, the paper contains 100% post-consumer recycled fibres and is processed chlorine free. At the same time, it has the Standard Paper Brightness (92 Bright) and is suitable for colour, black and white, and duplex printing. 

The organisations continued commitment to using recycled products helps save our landfills, forests and environment. UN staffers continued commitment to using less paper can achieve even more, by printing less, printing double-sided, re-using and recycling paper.

During 2011, UNHQ in New York consumed 10,077 cartons of paper, each approximately10 inches tall.  If that paper were to be stacked  up, it would build a structure 8,397 feet tall, or over 15 times the height of the Secretariat Building (544 feet).

Printing is not just about paper either, but also about the ink, which not only has environmental but also financial consequences. In 2011, UNHQ in New York spent approximately $1.2 million on toners/cartridges. 60% of that spend was on colour cartridges. Is it all really needed? Go easy on the colour.

Less is more, both for the environment and for the budgets!