Green Tips Posters

Thu, 19/12/13
The UN Secretariat in New York has designed five posters under the banner of Greening the Blue that are now available for UN offices throughout the world to download, print and display in their premises. The tips are divided into 5 themes: Food, Travel, Meetings, At Work, and Personal.
In New York, they have been put up in the newly renovated Secretariat building in the office areas, conference facilities and cafeteria.
Their design was a collaborative project between the Senior Advisor for Sustainability at the UN in New York, the voluntary staff organization Greening UNHQ, an energetic intern and a graphic designer friend. They are intended to attract the attention of all UN staff, delegates and visitors to what we can all do to improve our personal and our organization’s environmental footprint.

Feel free, help yourselves! 


Food Poster A3.pdf1.08 MB
Travel Poster A3.pdf1.06 MB
Meetings Poster A3.pdf1.09 MB
Work Poster A3.pdf1.03 MB
Personal Poster A3.pdf1.1 MB

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