Greening the Blue Pledge-athon winners

Mon, 06/08/12

The winners of the 2012 Greening the Blue Pledge-athon were announced today by the Greening the Blue team.  

Each of the five winners, all of whom are UN staff, has made a pledge on the Greening the Blue website as part of the celebrations for World Environment Day 2012 to make a change in their day-to-day work that will benefit the environment.

James Morris from Belgium pledged to switch off the lights and appliances in the office at night. Kasenene Johansen from from UNHCR in Nepal committed to reduce the use of paper by printing only when necessary. And John Mbulu from Kinshasa has comitted to ensure his desktop computer is switched off when not in use.

The other winners were Anshul Sharma and Gwendoline Akum working in Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Anshul has committed to turn save paper and Gwendoline pledged to use less water and to cultivate her garden.

The prizes are on their way to the lucky winners. They include a box of fair-trade chocolates, a wind-up torch, a bicycle bell, a top of the range water-bottle and a vegetarian cook book.

The winners were drawn from a list of over 500 possible winners at a meeting of the Sustainability Management Focal Points in Geneva in June.

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