GtB materials available in all UN languages

Fri, 30/09/11

The long-awaited translations of Greening the Blue’s materials are now available in all the official UN languages.

Ready-to-use posters, flyers, PowerPoint presentations and more are now ready to download in Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, French and Arabic.

The new content gives all UN offices a chance to inform and engage their staff by using materials that better reflect the local language needs.

“Working towards the goal of a sustainable UN requires staff awareness and behaviour change across the entire UN system,” says Isabella Marras, Sustainable United Nations (SUN) coordinator.

“We are therefore thrilled to be able to offer our materials in all six UN languages.”

There has been a growing demand from UN staff to be able to access Greening the Blue materials in other UN languages, with a particularly large number of requests coming from Spanish- and French-speaking staff.

While the Greening the Blue logo has been available in the official UN languages for some time, this is the first time other content has been translated. Eventually, it is hoped that more Greening the Blue materials will follow.

The materials can be edited and customised to suit different organisations’ needs.  As examples, PowerPoint slides can be removed, edited or complemented with new information, while an agency or organisational logo can be added to the posters.

“We encourage staff to take initiative, be creative and use the resources in an engaging manner,” says Marras.

The new materials have been translated by UNV volunteers who put in a tremendous effort to bring the materials to the rest of the UN.

Access the materials here.

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