ICAO launches sustainability campaign

Thu, 01/09/11

Inspired by the message that individual actions can collectively become a force for positive change,  ICAO Headquarters has launched a new staff communications and awareness campaign on sustainability management: Greening the Blue - ICAO&Me: Contributing to a better environment.

The staff engagement campaign builds on the UN's Greening the Blue sustainability initiative, emphasizing individual action while making it ICAO's own.

"Developing a truly 'green' organizational culture will require all of us to become more aware of our environmental footprints and of how we can – individually and collectively – make a difference,” said Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General of ICAO.

The ICAO&Me logo and slogan now appears in all staff communications related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improved operational sustainability. The logo was first unveiled on World Environment Day, appearing on a series of paper re-use, reduction and recycling visuals that were placed near all common photocopiers and recycling bins.

On the day of the launch, all attending staff members received a Greening the Blue – ICAO&Me notepad with environmental tips, printed on 100 percent recycled paper. The Staff Association donated door prizes including ceramic mugs for use at the cafeteria and Douglas fir seedlings.

Echoing ICAO's objective to move towards a paperless environment, a grand prize of an iPad2 was awarded to the participant who could correctly answer what aviation's percentage contribution to global CO2 emissions (2 percent) and the aspirational annual fuel efficiency goal for international aviation adopted by the ICAO assembly (2 percent).

ICAO's Environment Branch concluded the launch by sending an email to staff in all ICAO offices with ideas on how to contribute to a better environment both at home and at work. This was the first email in an on-going series of green tips. 

Categories: Staff Engagement