IFAD achieves two important sustainability milestones

Wed, 18/11/15

This week the President of IFAD announced two important milestones in the organization’s environmental sustainability work: first, the LEED Platinum certification and second, IFAD achieving climate neutrality.

The infographic below provides more information on the LEED platinum certification, highlighting key elements of LEED benefits, IFAD's scoring and achievements in the process and examples of activities carried out within the Greening IFAD initiative.

In addition to IFAD's sustainability efforts, the organization has  followed the recommendation by the UN Climate Neutral Strategy to offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions from IFAD’s global operations and travel.

IFAD purchased Certified Emission Reduction offsets from the Clean Development Mechanism of the UNFCCC. When IFAD takes part in the COP21 climate talks in Paris, it will be one of a growing number of UN agencies listed as climate neutral.