IFAD: Greening Initiatives

Thu, 01/04/10

As part of IFAD’s greening efforts, the Administrative Services Division has initiated various activities, such as reducing plastic and paper consumption, enhancing waste management, carpooling and a monthly IFAD Bike to work day (in collaboration with the IFAD Go Green Group and IFAD cyclists).


New parking policy

One initiative that has been introduced is the new parking policy. Staff having a parking spot are now charged €30 per month and parts of the proceeds are used to finance a daily shuttle bus to the nearest metro station. In addition, a limited number of parking spaces have been made available, free of charge, for carpoolers. The 'green' parking spaces are reserved until 9am and available to cars carrying at least four staff members.


Eco-friendly water bottles

In late June 2011, eco-friendly water bottles were distributed to all staff. The overall aim was to reduce IFAD's plastic waste.

  • The water bottles can be conveniently refilled at any one of the water fountains on each floor;
  • The bottles are made from partially recycled material and produced with a zero-carbon footprint;
  • By using the water bottles, staff help reduce the purchases of bottled water and thereby contribute to the reduction of plastic waste;
  • Part of the proceeds from the water bottles is used to finance water projects in Africa and Asia.

In order to track the reduction in plastic waste, sales of conventional plastic water bottles have been monitored and a comparison of the period July - December 2010 and July - December 2011 shows a reduction in sales of 27 % for the 1, 5 l. bottles and a reduction of 15 %for the 0, 5 l. bottles. 


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