The launch - as it happened

Fri, 04/06/10

Follow the launch of Greening the Blue on our launch blog. If you've got something to add, please email your story to [email protected]. All times are in British Summer Time.


22:50 International have done a story

22:45 We've just received the link to the UN Secretary-General's noon briefing, in which Greening the Blue is mentioned.

22:22 USA Today has picked up the Huffington Post story (see 17:26)

22:00 UNIDO has put a story on their website.

21:57 The newswire Environment News Service has done a story.

21:13 The European Commission has put a about Greening the Blue story on their website.

19:00 DPKO/DFS have sent an email to all staff.

18:05 The UN news centre has done a story on World Environment Day and Greening the Blue.

17:26 Kiyotaka Akasaka, the United Nations Under Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, has posted an article on The Huffington Post

16:12 The green team in the UNEP office in Paris organised a blind water-tasting event - comparing tap, bottled and filtered water. Tap water came out as the clear favourite.

15:38 Environment Expert have posted a story on their website.

14:10 The following organizations are tweeting about the website: UNDP, FAO, UNIC Jakata, UNIC Tunis, IFAD, UN University, UNEP and UNFCCC. There's also a lot of activity on Twitter from UN staff.

14:08 The team at Do The Green Thing have posted a blog about Greening the Blue.

14:01 WFP have put posters up around their HQ in Rome and are promoting the website to staff via their intranet, along with a story about the solar energy system on the WFP Nepal office.

13.57 It's three minutes to nine in New York. Staff at HQ are on their way into work....

12:49 There's an article about Greening the Blue in Making It Magazine.

12:13 We've had visits from people in 105 countries.

12:07 According to the webstats, visits to Greening the Blue are up 1000% on the same time yesterday.

11:47 FAO have sent an email to all staff

11:42 We've got over 50 fans on our Facebook page and over 20 followers on Twitter.

ESCWA have sent an email to all staff and posted a story on their website.

11:30 Early webstats suggest this is going to be huge. Well done and thank you to everyone who's promoting it.

11:00 Greening the Blue is featured on the homepage of the UNEP website.

10:00 Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP, has sent an email to all UNEP staff highlighting Greening the Blue.

9:30 Display screens at UNESCO are promoting Greening the Blue.

9:00 In UNEP's Paris office, staff arrive at the office to find their homepages redirected to Greening the Blue. A memo has been sent by the Director to all staff and an event is planned for lunchtime...

8:00 Story appears on iseek, including a link to the Secretary-General's memo to all UN staff.


The press release has been issued to UNEP offices around the world to circulate to their local contacts.

18:30 The memo from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is available on the news section.

18:00 Given it's already tomorrow in Hong Kong, the animation has gone live on the homepage. Greening the Blue is launched.

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