A letter from MINUSTAH

Fri, 28/06/13

Greening the Blue’s raison d'être is to provide UN staff with all the necessary information, advice and tools they need to affect change within their own organization. That’s why we were absolutely delighted to receive a letter from the Uruguayan Battalion of United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) telling us about the work they’d done to reduce and manage their waste.

“Dear Colleagues,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the support provided through your material and guidelines, which helped us to implement a Greening the Blue project in our bases in MINUSTAH.

The Uruguayan Battalion 1 (URUBATT1) has three Bases with almost 500 troops and we are located at the Central Department of Haiti (Mireballais, Hinche and Belladere).  URUBATT1 was moved from the south of Haiti some time ago and we had many improvements to make and many tasks to carry out. We focused on greening our Battalion and troops and we asked advice from the Engineering Section, MINUSTAH Environmental Compliance Unit and your website.

We created an Environment Team that had the task of building eight Garbage Classification Points, which allowed us to classify waste material by type. Each piece of waste could then be placed in the corresponding gabions, stored in separate containers in plastic bags and boxes, and after being sorted could be transported to Port au Prince.
Garbage was divided in two categories: ORGANIC and INORGANIC. The organic waste is treated at our base as part of the composting system to obtain organic manure, and the inorganic waste is sent to Port au Prince.
A Waste Water Treatment Plant was created in order that sewage could be treated and used as organic manure.
As a result of this work, the Uruguayan Battalion 1 was invited to attend a ceremony on International Environment Day at which our battalion was awarded a prize in recognition of the environmental care taken at our Base in Mirebalais, thereby singling us out as an example to other Units in MINUSTAH.
I am leaving the Mission in two weeks, however, I did not want to leave before telling you that we could not achieve this environmental work without your support and thank you for the materials and guidance. That’s why I am sending this email and sharing with these achievements and pictures with you. Thank you very much indeed.”


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