MINUSTAH: Remarkable mobilization for WED

Mon, 08/07/13

Celebrating the World Environment Day in MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti ) was an ideal opportunity to raise the environmental awareness of the Mission’s personnel, in particular about the recycling program implemented in the Mission.

The Environmental Compliance Unit (ECU) organized a series of activities related to reducing the environmental footprint, and reaching out all MINUSTAH and UNCT personnel.
The success of the activity was achieved by: Diversifying the activities and linking activities with specific targets.
Activities preceding World Environment Day:

On May 27th, a campaign promoting the implementation of composting systems in the military and police camps was launched. The objective of the composting systems is to reduce the volume of solid waste disposed by the Mission.

To support this strategic implementation, an instruction manual, with basic guidelines for the implementation and use of compost has been produced by ECU in English and translated into Spanish and French.

On June 1st, an Environmental Education Day with activities on the topic of recycling was planned with the children of MINUSTAH personnel.

This Environmental education day, included the following activities:
  • Collective game on “Wastes, What they are and where they go?
  • Recycling paper workshop
  • Painting workshop on the theme “What is your environment from home to school?
Used paper from various offices in Port au Prince was collected by Facility Management Unit(FMU) and use for the recycled paper activity.

Twenty six (26) children participated in Environmental Education Day and produced more than twenty (20) recycled paper sheets and more than fifty (50) paintings which were displayed during the WED Ceremony on the 5th of June.

On World Environment Day, the 5th of June:

A series of environmental events in Port-au-Prince main camps were organized for all MINUSTAH & UNCT personnel. Events included: tree planting, “Not Meat Day” at restaurants and cafeterias, a music concern, a Fair that offered local organic products and handcrafts; and a final ceremony.

During the “No Meat Day”, a total of 200 vegetarian meals were served. Customers were sensitized to the environmental impact of food consumption with placemats designed from the information delivered in the UNEP WED Booklet.

The WED Ceremony included:
  • Statements from SRSG Nigel Fisher and DMS Guy Siri about World Environment Day and “Greening the Mission” initiatives
  • The award of prizes to Police and military contingents for “Best Environmental Commitment."
  • Closure of World Environment Day with a local Haitian Music band called “Troubadour” playing on instruments made of recycled material.
A slideshow on WED environmental activities in MINUSTAH (implementation of compost in FPU and military camps & children’s activities) was displayed as background during the ceremony. This presentation was supported by the exhibition of the children’s work during the Environmental Education activities on the 1st of June.
Supporting environmental awareness by communication campaign
One of the keys to the success of the WED celebration in MINUSTAH was the strong and close collaboration between ECU and the Communications and Public Information Office (CPIO) in defining, conceiving and sharing communication materials to involve all MINUSTAH and UNCT personnel in the activities planned prior and during WED.
Upstream design of broadcasts set the tone of the event, and full coverage provided material for the valorization of involvement of all participants. Both actions are essential to set an environmental awareness event.
One article on the environmental education activities on the MINUSTAH Website « Journée Mondiale de l’Environnement : initier les enfants au recyclage » and one video reportage on the environmental awareness activities presented on Pote Kole and broadcasted on TV were broadcasted to general public.
Awarding Environmental Commitments
The awarding of a prize for the Best Environmental Commitment by the SRSG and the DMS has had an impact on several military and police contingents.
Since then, ECU has noted an increased level of environmental commitment after the ceremony through emails asking for support in achieving environmental actions in their camps.


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