New technologies make the GA more efficient

Mon, 28/11/11

The Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) has introduced a state-of-the-art digital press and book binder which enables them to print on demand and reduce costs.   

As well as making more efficient use of in-house resources, the Publishing Section now also places greater emphasis on digital technology and electronic distribution. By sharing files electronically DGACM are also making cost savings in transport, shipping and handling, as large volumes of publications and reports no longer need to be transported across oceans.

Only 400 copies of the Journal of the United Nations are now printed, down from 5,400 copies in 2009.  The Journal now has more than 3,000 eSubscribers, nearly 2,500 followers on Twitter and close to 1,700 friends on Facebook.   Furthermore, through the eSubscription portal, nearly 11,000 subscribers receive official United Nations documents via email or web feeds, with the number of subscribersincreasing daily.

These activities form part of an on-going initiative to reduce paper consumption and increase efficiency.  Since 2009 paper consumption has dropped from around 100 million sheets of paper to 34 million.    This saving is the equivalent of nearly 8,000 trees and 25 million gallons of water.