Sustainable forests and fashion in Geneva

Fri, 04/04/14

UN staff, diplomats and citizens of Geneva gathered at Palais des Nations on 21 March, the International Day of Forests, for a dance performance advocating the linkages between sustainable fashion and sustainable forest management.

The performance by choreographer Marthe Krummenacher and seven dancers was the closing element of the Forests for Fashion – Fashion for Forests initiative organized by UNECE/FAO with the support of UNOG’s cultural activities.

The day was structured around a series of initiatives, including an open-air art performance by 500 Geneva students; a conference with high level speakers drawn from the public and the private sector representing the forests and fashion industries; and the opening of a fashion exhibit created with clothes made of forest fibers and wood accessories designed by fifteen emerging young designers.

The day took place under the symbol of the “Third Paradise Tree” designed by contemporary art icon Michelangelo Pistoletto. It metaphorically describes the area where the sphere of nature and that of the artificial come together, defining a new world where nature thrives and humankind lives sustainably.

Categories: Staff Engagement