Take a look around a 'Future UN building'

Fri, 02/11/12

"A sustainable building for a sustainable future in Latin America and the Caribbean"

That's the way the design for the new UN Hub in Latin America is being described.

The new building which will hold more than 700 staff from at least 14 UN organizations is aiming to lead the way towards carbon neutrality.  The building has been designed to combine the best pratices in sustainable construction.  The type of features included are:

  • The building will by surrounded by green areas, (including a garden area for UN staff to relax).  The base of the building is surrounded by a ‘green wall’ to ensure it fits as sympathetically as possible with it’s surroundings.
  • The roof will collect rainwater which will provide enough water to satisfy 90% of the building’s needs
  • The building will be supplied by energy provided by solar panels on the roof
  • Panels in the side of the building have been used to provide a solar protection system which will regulate it’s temperature, minimizing the need to cool the building
  • Native plants will be used to minimize use of water in irrigation
  • Waste management will be managed in an environmentally sound way

Take a look at this video to find out more...


To find out more about how to make your own building more sustainable, take a look at guidance on how to reduce buildings related emissions. 

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