Think Eat Save for World Environment Day

Tue, 26/02/13

The build up to this years’ World Environment Day (5th June) is already well underway and individuals and organizations from across the globe have started to register their activities.

The theme for this years campaign is Think.Eat.Save, an anti-food waste and food loss campaign.
According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted. This is equivalent to the same amount produced in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. At the same time, 1 in every 7 people in the world go to bed hungry and more than 20,000 children under the age of 5 die daily from hunger.

The campaign is encouraging people to people to think carefully before throwing away unwanted food. It’s aim is not only to draw attention to the fact that the world is struggling to feed its 7 million inhabitants, but also forces us to appreciate the environmental cost of producing and disposing of unwanted food.
Global food production occupies 25% of all habitable land and is responsible for 70% of fresh water consumption, 80% of deforestation, and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.
World Environment Day is billed as the biggest day for positive environmental action.  The UN holds World Environment Day annually on 5th June to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and encourage political attention and action.
Amongst individuals and organizations the campaign aims to raise awareness of the need to be more considerate to the planet by making more sustainable choices in our day-to-day lives. You could…
  • reduce the amount of meat in your diet,
  • only buy as much food as you know you will eat (don’t be tempted to overstock). 
  • Use leftovers
  • aim to use as little packaging as possible (cut down on those plastic bags) and
  • ensure you recycle what packaging you do use.  
If you think you can commit to one or all of these activities why not make a pledge on Greening the Blue.
Support World Environment Day 2013 - Think before you eat and help save our environment by reducing your own footprint.  Find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved at