UN 21 Greening Finalists

Thu, 09/01/14

They may not have won, but the two other finalists in the greening category of the 2013 edition of the UN 21 awards also deserve a mention.

Modular Waste Water Treatment Plants in the field
A milestone towards the greening of peacekeeping missions was reached with this Department of Field Support initiative, which focuses on the treatment and recycling of wastewater to prevent environmental pollution, mitigate health risks and conserve water.

The DFS project included process design, inspection and testing of the prototype, and field-based training. By March 2013, 160 modular waste water treatment plants had been procured by Field Missions around the world and over 4 million liters of wastewater per day were being treated prior to disposal. That is what is called reducing your environmental footprint!

Renewable energy at UNHQ New York
As reported earlier on Greening the Blue, in September 2011, the Department of Management switched the UN Headquarters compound in New York to renewable energy sources through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for its electricity supply. As of May 2012, all electricity used on the Secretariat campus and some of the other buildings occupied by the UN in New York is 100% sourced from wind. This reduces the Secretariat’s greenhouse gas emissions related to electricity by 80%, and emissions from overall energy use, including steam, by 65%.

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