UN 21 Greening Winners

Fri, 03/01/14

The UN 21 Awards Programme was established in 1996 to celebrate the stories of staff who succeeded in introducing innovative ways of delivering UN system programmes and services. There are five categories of award: knowledge management, staff volunteerism, efficiency, communication, and ... greening.

This year two platforms for electronic meetings management jointly won the 2013 award for Greening, Unite Events and PaperSmart.

Unite Events, developed by the Office of Information and Communication Technology, is the meeting management system used at the Rio+20 and the Doha Climate Change Conferences, and at many other UN meetings and events since. Any UN entity can use the system to create a website for conferences, meetings, workshops and other events within minutes. Event participants can access event documents offline from their tablets or smartphones by downloading the Unite Events mobile app from Applie iTunes or Google Play.

PaperSmart, deployed by the Department of General Assembly and Conference Management, provides Member States with electornic access to documents in all six official languages free of charge - and free of paper. At Rio_20 (30,000 participants), it is estimated that over 19 million sheets of paper were saved. At the Doha Climate Change Conference (20,000 participants) some 750,000 sheets of paper did not need to be used. UN-Women and UNICEF also estimate they have saved $100,000 and $500,000 respectively, using this technology for their events.


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