UN Geneva Switches Off for Earth Hour

Fri, 29/03/19

This Saturday, 30 March, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm local time, millions of individuals, governments, organisations and landmarks are going to be switching off their lights for Earth Hour. This global initiative, which is organised by WWF, aims to raise awareness on the important role of nature in our lives and the benefits nature provides, from good food and fresh water, to clean air and so much more.

Once again, the United Nations has decided to participate in Earth Hour to show its commitment to action on climate change and sustainable development. As Secretary-General António Guterres has explained, it is important for the UN to lead by example.

The UN Office at Geneva (UNOG) is just one of the UN facilities taking part in this year’s Earth Hour. As in previous years, UNOG will be switching off all lights (except those needed for security reasons) at the Palais des Nations. To achieve this UNOG staff have been asked to ensure that all lights and office equipment are switched off prior to leaving the office for the weekend and are also being encouraged to participate at home by turning off lights during the hour-long event on Saturday evening.

The central message from organisers at UNOG is that the Earth Hour movement is about more than just one hour a year. Staff are reminded that we all need to take action if we want to make an impact: by working together, we can collectively combat climate change. 

Earth Hour 2018 was a great success, and UNOG wants to help make this year’s awareness-raising event even better. 

Please remember to switch off lights and office equipment before leaving the office each evening, for Earth Hour and beyond. 


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