UN Headquarters In New York Greens Its ICT

Wed, 31/03/10

The UN Secretariat Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) is in the process of implementing ICT Guidelines for Greening and Environmental Sustainability for the Secretariat. The guidelines, developed as part of the ICT Fast Forward Programme, promote high level climate neutral and green ICT procurement practices to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reduction and reduce the waste of energy and paper.

The guidelines include:

  • Recommendations on standards for acquisition of environmentally- friendly ICT equipment;
  • Guidelines on replacement and disposal of old equipment;
  • Recommendations concerning consolidation of equipment and server rooms to save energy;
  • Proposals for reducing the number of peripheral devices such as desktop printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines;
  • Measures to reduce paper consumption by using double- sided printing and document digitizing solutions;
  • Green business processes such as electronic document workflow and electronic signatures; and
  • Promoting new methods of work by using telepresence and telecommuting technology for reducing travel needs.

Successful implementation of the Green ICT guidelines will therefore result in reduction of paper and power consumption, promotion of greening initiatives and a better work environment. 

Categories: ICT