Wed 04/08/10
An informal poll on the UN’s new Greening the Blue website shows that a majority of visitors to the site are in favor of the UN purchasing offsets. 59% of respondents replied ‘Yes’ to the question “Should the UN purchase carbon offsets?”, whilst 41...
Wed 28/07/10
Thousands of hectares of mountainous forest in north-eastern Tanzania have been preserved through a project managed by the United Nations Development Programme. The Eastern Arc Mountains project, financed by the Global Environment Facility,...
Thu 22/07/10
Beth Pe’Och from UNOG has written an article in UN Special about office plants and their value to our well-being.She cites several pieces of research and reports which highlight the positive impacts that indoor plants can have on health, in reducing...
Wed 21/07/10
The US Mission to the UN in Geneva will be greening their grounds in August with the help from nine carefully selected landscape architecture students. The collaborative project is sponsored by the US mission and the American Society of Landscape...
Wed 21/07/10
The University for Peace Centre for Executive Education is returning to London to offer a two-day intensive workshop on sustainable organizations on 7-8 October 2010.
Wed 07/07/10
The Greening the Blue Facebook tab was released today and can be seen in action on UNEP's Facebook page. The tab highlights the key features of Greening the Blue and show's what's happening to create a more sustainable United Nations.
Tue 15/06/10
The General Assembly President elect for the sixty-fifth session today named ‘environmental governance’ in his list of priorities for his tenure. The full details of the press conference are below:
Mon 14/06/10
The in-house greening team at the United Nations Environment Programme, known as Step-by-Step, has awarded its annual prize for the greenest UNEP office.And this year’s winner is…. the New York office.
Fri 04/06/10
Follow the launch of Greening the Blue on our launch blog. If you've got something to add, please email your story to [email protected] All times are in British Summer Time.  FRIDAY 4 JUNE 22:50 International have done a story
Thu 03/06/10
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has issued a memo encouraging all UN staff to get involved in greening the blue. In the memo he talks about the progress that's been made to make the UN more sustainable, and highlights achievements to date...
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