UN staff raise funds through recycling at office sale

Tue, 22/03/11

There were plenty of books, clothes, shoes, DVD’s and CD’s, of course. But also a crash course in Italian for beginners, a home printer, original necklaces from the Gambia and a bright pink hula hoop.

These are some of the items available at UNEP's first vide grenier (garage sale), organized by staff from the Paris Office.

Knowing that many colleagues would be happy to dispose of not-used-anymore-but-still-in-good-condition stuff cluttering the wardrobes and shelves of their small cosy Parisian apartments, and that there would be other colleagues eagerly waiting to fill their apartments with exactly the same items, the vide grenier provided an opportunity for UNEP to practise what it preaches and have fun in doing so.

The event was used to fundraise for two voluntary initiatives supported staff members from the office - one in the Mathare slum of Nairobi, the other in Haiti.

Staff generously donated a range of items, wishing them a second-life in a new home. All were displayed in the main meeting room of the office and over lunch and UNEP colleagues were invited to go through the items and take what they liked. There was only one rule: for each item you had to pay a minimum of €1.
Knowing that the early bird catches the worm, there was quite a rush during the first hour, with some people visibly excited to stumble across so many desirable things. 

By the end of the event over €470 had been raised and the items that did not find a new home were donated to a local charity.

All in all, a successful event which has resulted in requests for it to be repeated at (ir)regular intervals!

Categories: Staff Engagement