The UN switches off the lights for Earth Hour 2012

Tue, 03/04/12

At 8.30pm on Saturday 31st March people all over the world turned out their lights as an act of symbolism to show what can be achieved when people come together to raise awareness of and tackle climate change. 

This year’s Earth Hour is believed to have been the biggest yet with 150 countries and territories and 6,602 towns and cities reportedly taking part.   This is a significant increase on last year where 5,251 towns and cities and 135 countries took part and the initiative is believed to have reached 1.8 billion people.

In a video message released in the run up to the event, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the symbolic importance of the event asking everyone around the world to show “solidarity with men, women and children, 20 percent of all human kind who live without access to electricity.’’

The UN took his message to heart and lights were turned of at the UN’s Headquarters in New York. Other offices also got involved including WFP and WHOEMRO.

See some of the worlds other great landmarks getting plunged into darkness.

Take a look at the WWF Facebook page to see more images.