UNAIDS show their thespian side

Thu, 04/10/12

Here’s an excellent example of staff engagement – proving that communicating low carbon behaviours to staff and colleagues can be quite a lot of fun….


The UNAIDS Environmental Working Group (EWG) have let their creative side flow with this short series of comical skits.  This was presented during the Secretariat staff meeting in September and forms part of the EWG’s efforts to encourage staff to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviour.

David Sunderland, Coordinator of the EWG, commented:

I hope you find it enjoyable and interesting to watch – perhaps it could even be adapted to your own organizational context …

Well said David, why not be inspired by UNAIDS?  Think you can do better? Why not have a go?  Please don’t forget to send the results to us at [email protected] - we’d love to showcase it.

Categories: Staff Engagement