UNESCO launches Green Guide for staff

Thu, 24/03/11

UNESCO - the UN organization for education, science and culture - has launched some handy new guidance for staff on how to be green.

The Staff Guide to Greening is available in French and English and is being communicated to all 5000 UNESCO staff located across 64 locations around the world.

Missions, meetings - even coffee breaks: the guide covers every aspect of life at work and gives quick tips on how to reduce the impact of our day to day activities.

Click on ‘Print Preview’ in the File menu to avoid wasting paper on wrongly formatted documents. Water your plants with leftover water or tea. Choose local/regional experts over international experts to reduce air travel from missions. All the suggestions are simple, practical and easy to implement.

Introducing the guide, Irina Bokova, UNESCO's Director General said:

"If all the UNESCO employees, working in different locations across the world, follow the suggestions in this guide, I am convinced we can make significant progress to reducing the Organization's environmental impact."

Staff are also invited to sign the 'Greening UNESCO Charter' which commits them to eight simple but sustainable behaviours.

Download UNESCO staff guide to greening (English)

Download UNESCO staff guide to greening (French)


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