UNFPA HQ Building in New York is LEED Gold certified

Mon, 28/10/13

Fisher Brothers, the landlord of UNFPA HQ in New York has recently undergone a LEED certification process, with the result of a LEED Gold certification for existing buildings.

The landlord implemented and achieved several sustainability measures at the building, prior to and throughout the LEED certification process, including:

RECYCLING: A 100% durable goods recycling rate was achieved at the property. With the help of the buildings’ tenants, an ongoing consumables recycling rate of 84% at 605 Third Avenue was achieved.

WATER: Newly installed water saving devices reduced the buildings’ water and sewer consumption. 605 Third Avenue reduced its water consumption by more than 39% better than the LEED baseline (saves over 3,500 kGal of water per year). A Cooling Tower Chemical Management Program that reduces potable water consumption for cooling tower equipment through effective water management was implemented.

CLEANING: A Green Cleaning Policy was imposed, reducing building occupants and maintenance personnel’s exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals and particulates. A Building Exterior and Hardscape Management Plan that uses environmentally friendly chemicals and processes for outdoor cleaning was introduced. Over 60% of all cleaning supplies now contain a sustainability attribute.

PEST MANAGEMENT: An Integrated Pest Management Program was introduced to reduce the use of toxic pesticides.

MATERIALS: A Sustainable Purchasing Policy that reduces the environmental impacts of materials acquired for use in the operations, maintenance and upgrades of the building, was introduced.

ENERGY: ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits and Retro-commissioning studies were performed at the building to identify and implement energy efficiency improvements and comply with New York City Greener Buildings Local Law 87.

If you want to see further details on how LEED Gold was achieved by 605 Third Ave, kindly visit http://www.usgbc.org/projects/605-third-avenue.

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