UNOG staff bike to work

Thu, 26/07/12

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) hit the road in June as part of the 2012 'Bike to work' campaign.  Record numbers of UNOG staff participated with 48 teams being formed from 178 participants.  By cycling to work each day throughout the month, the UNOG teams succeeded in covering a total of 28,000 kilometers (the same distance as taking a return journey from Geneva to Hawaii).

The Swiss 'Bike to work' initative was launched by Pro Cycling in 2006 and aims to reduce CO2 emissions caused by commuters and also improve the overall health and well-being of participants. UNOG were one of 1,468 organisations to take part in the event which signed up a record-breaking 50,000 participants.  Throughout the month of June, more than 6.8 million kilometers were cycled by the participants, that's the equivalent of 171 times around the circumference of the earth.

Holding true to tradition, the UNOG teams ended the campaign with breakfast and group photo. A rendez-vous has also been fixed for June 2013.

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