UNOG staff take to two wheels

Wed, 16/07/14

The United Nations Office at Geneva celebrated record levels of participation in this years ‘Bike to work’ campaign. The week long initiative saw 64 teams and a total of 240 participants taking part. This is an increase on 61 teams and 229 participants in 2013.

'Bike to work' is an initiative launched in Switzerland to promote cycling and 2014 marks the 10th year of UNOG involvement. The objective is to travel at least part of one daily’s commute by bicycle during the month of June. Alternatively participants can choose to travel to work by any means involving muscle strength e.g. walking, rollerblading.

UNOG Bike to work participants











(Photo credit: La Mutuelle)

1,651 companies registered to take part in the national campaign resulting in a total of 50,190 participants who traveled 7.8 million kilometers, the equivalent of 195 times the circumference of the earth! Had a small car traveled that distance, it would have produced over 1,248 tons of CO2.

At the United Nations Office at Geneva, participants traveled a total of 39,979 kilometers. Due to local holidays, this was slightly less than last year, when participants achieved 40,650 kilometers. Had they gone on for an additional 100 kilometers, they would have traveled once around the earth! The distances traveled by individual teams during this month was particularly high, several exceeded 1,500 kilometers.

Marie-Pierre Fleury, Executive Secretary at UNOG explains:
"Bike to work" is not just about protecting the environment, it’s also an opportunity to join in a friendly initiative which ends in a shared breakfast and many laughs.”

Next year UNOG hopes to break new records when they will once again be challenging staff to travel to work on two wheels or two feet.

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