UNOPS launches solar power catalogue

Wed, 27/11/13

UNOPS has recently launched a new UN Web Buy catalogue of photovoltaic (PV) power equipment and systems in another step towards helping the United Nations and its partners achieve climate neutrality. 

With emissions from buildings accounting for 36 percent of the UN’s total greenhouse gas footprint, finding clean, alternative energy sources is a key concern for UN organizations.
The solar power systems featured in the catalogue cater for a variety of uses and can be used in a range of geographical locations. The catalogue includes:
  • Stand-alone PV power systems (DC and AC) with three days’ power back-up – appropriate where no public electricity grid is available – for small homes, shops, schools and community centres. The larger available systems suit offices, medical centres and other facilities with or without air-conditioning.
  • Grid-tie PV AC power systems with one day power back-up, configured to connect to a public electricity grid. These systems are suitable for offices and medical centres, with or without air-conditioning.
  • Street lights – stand-alone configuration with two days power back-up.
  • Components – PV panels, charge controllers, batteries and inverters for construction of bespoke PV power systems.
Alongside the catalogue, which provides information on 14 types of solar power systems, UNOPS is also offering its technical expertise to assist organizations in selecting the correct system for their particular needs, as well as offering advice on installation and after-sales support.
Those with a UN Web Buy user account can access the catalogue at Those without an account should visit the website and click the ‘online registration form’ link.
UN Web Buy can be contacted at [email protected].
For more information on sustainable procurement within the UN please visit

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