World Bankers Bike to Work

Tue, 02/08/11

The World Bank has arranged its own Bike to Work Day as a part of Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s greater ride-to-work event.

The initiative proved a great success with over 40 bankers taking part. As Karen Azeez, a Junior Professional Associate, said "it was impossible to miss the mob of staff cruising down H Street in their matching fluorescent t-shirts.”

The Bank’s Bike to Work Day is part of a broader corporate effort to encourage cycling and other environmentally-friendly methods of commuting in Washington DC.

“The bike program works closely with the Corporate Responsibility unit to reduce our corporate greenhouse gas emissions,” Vice President for Sustainable Development, Inger Andersen said.

“Our celebration of Bike to Work Day recognises the work we’ve done to encourage low-carbon methods for commuting to work.”

In addition to minimizing its own impact, the World Bank helps the developing world by organizing an annual bicycle donation drive with the nonprofit Bikes for the World.

To learn more about the World Bank’s Corporate Responsibility agenda, or about the bike program, contact Adam Rubinfield, the Bank's Corporate Sustainability coordinator.

Categories: Staff Engagement, Travel