World Environment Day 2015

Tue, 26/05/15

World Environment Day 2015 is fast approaching and, as in previous years, Greening the Blue is running it's own campaign directed at UN staff, consultants and interns.

This year’s theme is “Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care”.

Greening the Blue is therefore encouraging staff to undertake Greening the Blue: the tutorial to find out more about how they can consume responsibly whilst at work.

The hour-long tutorial shows a variety of ways in which staff can reduce their consumption of energy and materials whilst at work, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the UN system as a whole.

Examples include more efficient ways to run your office, how to travel responsibly and how to best to dispose of waste.

Introducing the tutorial in 2014, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon explained:
"The new UN tutorial on sustainability shows how individuals and organizations can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, shrink our environmental footprint and cut costs. I count on colleagues across the UN system to follow the examples of Stick and Bean and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet."

Designed to be engaging and enjoyable as well as informative, the tutorial takes the form of an animation, and follows two UN-staffers, Stick and Bean, through a typical working day as they learn how to incorporate environmental considerations into their decision-making processes.

We see them in their offices, booking travel, attending a meeting, going to the canteen, travelling to a mission, visiting an offsetting project and undertaking a tour of a Country Office. At each point in the day they learn more about the ‘greener’ options on offer and some of the additional benefits associated with their choices.

Each individual is asked for general information about their location and behavior at work at different stages throughout the tutorial. They are then given an overview of their work-related carbon footprint, and how it compares to a typical staff member from their organization, and an average UN staffer.