Mon 11/10/10
Climate change has been and remains a top priority for the United Nations, whether it is for promoting concerted global action, bringing solutions that help people cope with climate impacts, or in finding out the best climate science available....
Wed 31/03/10
Getting the funding right, for the massive renovation project at the UN headquarters in New York, was one of the major challenges for the team running the so-called Capital Master Plan (CMP).   
Wed 31/03/10
The United Nations is currently engaged in a five-year project to renovate its headquarters in New York.  This so-called Capital Master Plan (CMP) is a massive undertaking. How the CMP team went about raising and running the USD 1.9 billion...
Wed 31/03/10
The UN Secretariat Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) is in the process of implementing ICT Guidelines for Greening and Environmental Sustainability for the Secretariat. The guidelines, developed as part of the ICT Fast...
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