Our approach


The UN’s journey towards climate neutrality began on 5 June 2007 when UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon publicly called on all UN agencies, funds and programmes to ‘go green’ and become climate neutral. Find out about the origins of the UN’s work to create a more sustainable UN, who is involved and how the work is being coordinated.

Measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions 

A process for measuring and reporting the UN’s greenhouse gas emissions is now in place. Find out what the UN Greenhouse Gas inventory covers and how the UN's greenhouse gas emissions are calculated.

Measuring and reporting waste

The number of UN entities reporting data on waste has been growing since 2017.

Reducing our impacts

In addition to the work that’s going on within individual UN organizations, there’s also a considerable amount of activity at the UN System level to reduce the UN’s environmental impacts.


Whilst the UN continues to do all it can to reduce its emissions, some are unavoidable. Where emissions are unavoidable organizations are exploring the feasibility of offsetting.