Follow the links below to find publications, groups, networks and websites covering a range of subjects relevant to embedding sustainability within UN organizations.


An Overview: Greening the Blue

General publications regarding the UN's greenhouse gas emissions and efforts to reduce them. This section also has links to relevant groups and websites.


Staff Engagement

Resources and tools for anyone wanting to communicate sustainability in their organization. This section also has details of a workshop held in Geneva in 2009 on the role of communications in achieving sustainability.



Guidance for facility managers in reducing building-related emissions. The page also has links to relevant groups, websites and case studies.



The UN Green Meeting Guide provides invaluable advice for anyone wanting to reduce the carbon-footprint of their meetings.



Details of the UN's approach to sustainable procurement, including guidelines for the purchase of specific products and services.



In 2016, travel was responsible for 54% of the UN's reported greenhouse gas emissions. Find out how to reduce the impact of both business travel and commuting.