Best Practice

ECLAC - Cleaning Products and Services: ECLAC establishes a contractual link between the contractor's sustainability performances and breach of contract.

FAO/IFAD/WFP  - 100% Renewable Energy: The three organizations established a joint procurement action aimed at purchasing 100% renewable energy.

MINUSTAH - Solar Powered Telecommunication Technology: This procurement action had the double aim of greening the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, and granting the Mission security of energy supply allowing for more independent communications.

UNDP - Climate Neutral 10th floor of UNDP's Bureau for Development Policy: UNDP decided to completely green the 10th floor of the UNDP HQ in NY. Click here for more information (this document).

UNEP/DTIE  - Purchase of Furniture for DTIE Paris Office: Social criteria were positioned alongside environmental criteria in UNEP's office in Paris.

- Long Term Supply Agreement for Multifunctional Copy Equipment and Related Services: This case study highlights the efficiency and financial gains associated with respecting & protecting the environment.

UNIFIL - Solar Panels: How do you generate "eco Friendly" electricity in this field? In this instance procurement action had the double aim of greening the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, as well as providing the Mission with a secure and independent energy supply.

UNON - Paper: UNON in Kenya uses recycled paper made in South Africa.

UNOPS/UNWebbuy - Field Motor Vehicles: UNOPS established a link between the disclosure of environmental data by suppliers and vehicles CO2 emissions rating.

UPU  - Cleaning Products and Services

UPU - Energy

UPU - Green Building

UPU - Paper

Vienna International Centre
- Building Management Services: In this instance budgeting rules were amended, allowing the life cycle costs of goods and services to be evaluated.