Sustainability Tutorial

Welcome to the UN’s first Sustainability Tutorial.

The tutorial is designed for UN staff, highlighting the work that's underway across the UN System to improve its environmental performance and providing helpful advice on how each individual can contribute to that effort, by calculating and reducing their own footprint.

The tutorial takes the form of an animation in which we follow two UN staffers – Stick and Bean – as they overcome the challenge of being green in an typical UN office. Just follow the link below to the UN System Staff College website, where the tutorial is hosted, and follow the instructions.


UNDP and UNEP have developed a range assets to help you promote more responsible behaviours in the workplace...


Movie Poster

Print off our 'Go green with Stick and Bean' poster and the Greening the Blue Tutorial movie poster and put them up around your desk, building... wherever you can.

Download the 'go green' poster in English or French

Download the movie poster


There is also a range of individual posters, each with its own important message. You can either download these posters as they are, or you can customized them - adding in a key message about your own organization, or refer people to an intranet or website where they can find out more. Simply download the customizable version in PowerPoint and edit the text box provided.

Download the go green e-communicate poster in English or French

Download the customizable e-communicate poster 

Download the go green eat responsibly poster in English or French

Download the cusomizable eat responsibly poster


EnjoyTapWaterKeep it on the screenDownload the go green enjoy tap water poster

Download the customizable tap water poster


Download the go green keep it on the screen poster in English or French

Download the customizable keep in on the screen poster



Here are some smaller, handy little notices which can be placed next to electrical equipment, water fountains... anywhere they can serve as a handy reminder to busy colleagues. 
Download the full range of notices.

Save Energy Notice  Tap water noticeLess printing notice 

Computer wallpaper

Encourage your colleagues to take the tutorial and calcuate their own carbon footprint, by setting up the Stick and Bean movie poster as your computer screensaver. The poster is available in various sizes to fit any size of display monitor. 

Movie Poster680 x 300

1024 x 768                                                            

1600 x 1200

1920 x 1200   


Mug design

Reminder yourself and those around you of the benefits of choosing tap water over bottled water with this mug design. Download the design and get it printed onto your favourite mug. 




'Take me out for lunch' bag design

Carry your lunch into work each day in a sustainable, re-usable bag with our 'take me out for lunch' design printed onto the side. If you've got a re-useable lunch bag which needs a bit of brightening up, why not download this design and get it printed locally to you... using sustainable printing materials of course!



Want to tell more people in your organization about the tutorial? Here's a template introductory email that you can use to send to your Communications Team, Senior Managers or direct to your colleagues. Download the template.

Or why not add a signature to the bottom of your email?

Watch Stick and Bean in Greening the Blue: The Tutorial
Movie Poster
Download the image



Intranet/Website Text

Download and edit the draft text for your intranet or website.