1 December 2021 UNISFA's Tree Planting Campaign

UNISFA is committed in its efforts to establish and restore vegetation in its camps, since 2019 the mission has undertaken a mission wide tree planting campaign. Undertaking such activities has a variety of benefits, including supporting local biodiversity, prevent soil erosion and works towards carbon offsetting. To support its ongoing efforts an onsite nursery for seeds has been established. Seedlings are cultivated until developed enough to be successfully transported and planted round the mission.  

Since the start of the campaign the mission has: 

  • planted a total of 9,000 trees throughout the mission area. It is estimated that these numbers will reach 28,000 trees by 2023.  

  • nursed a total of 20,000 seedlings approximately 70% survival rate in Abyei HQ and 30% in Team Sites.  

Examples of such activities indue the celebration of World Soil Day 2021, the mission, in collaboration with the FAO conducted a tree planting program around the newly constructed Waste Management Yard and during the USG for Department of Operational Support Atul Khare to Abyei visit, one of the highlights was the tree planting activity done inside the Abyei HQ camp. 

To further develop the mission’s positive impact of the environment, plant debris, where possible, ae re-used to produce compost onsite. The compost is then used to support the seed nursery and also utilized by the local community via the FAO. 

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