7 September 2021 Eco Label Award for Conference Facility at the Vienna International Center

The M building in the Vienna International Center (VIC) became the first United Nations conference building to have ever been awarded with an eco label. After having been awarded the Austrian Eco Label by the Austrian Ministry on 29 July 2019, the M building was officially branded an official Green Conference Centre.

The Austrian Eco Label criteria alludes to all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Receiving this Label is a commitment and contribution to these SDGs and a response to the increasing demand for sustainable products and industries. Such a certificate proves the high sustainable standard of the VIC and is an award for all sustainable measures that have been implemented by BMS.

The Vienna-based Organizations are taking further steps to work towards also attaining this Austrian Eco Label for its other buildings, starting with its C building.

To achieve this award, certain standards requiring compliance with mandatory criteria such as environment management, energy, water, waste, air, noise, cleaning, chemistry, furnishing, traffic and outdoor areas, will all need to be reached.

The Label is a certified ISO Type I Label, which is valid for four years. It includes in parts, criteria of the Leeds or other international Labels. Hence, this is a first step towards a holistic approach of an environmental management system.


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