3 June 2021 The New Corporate Environmental Responsibility Strategy 2020-2030 of FAO has been launched

On the 24th of May 2021, FAO held a virtual launch event for the new Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) Strategy 2020-2030. More than 350 participants from all over the world joined the event to commemorate this important milestone for sustainability at FAO.

Qu Dongyo, the Director-General of FAO, opened the launch with a passionate speech. He stated that "As we look at the current state of our planet and the negative effects of climate change, it is clear that the time for action is now. FAO has decided to play its part and respond by developing an ambitious action plan to reduce its GHG emissions".  In encouraging FAO personnel around the world to align their everyday actions with the new CER Strategy, he highlighted the that, "every action counts". Moreover, the Director-General pointed to a need for innovation in the business culture at FAO offices and facilities to reach the target of the Strategy of 45% reduction of GHG emissions in the absolute amount, compared to 2018.

Further speakers at the event included the Permanent Representatives of France, China, and the United States of America, who all echoed the Director General’s sentiments. Together, they outlined the importance and value of ambitious climate targets, and the need for cooperation and collaboration, on both the international stage, but also throughout the entirety of the FAO, to deliver on these targets.  

FAO senior management, across multiple divisions, further pledged their support for the new strategy, supported by testimonials from Regional Assistant Director-Generals on the work done to date.

To achieve the ambitious 45% reduction by 2030 target, the new strategy outlines energy efficiency measures in facilities, fleet management, and air travel. Moreover, a number of holistic objectives are in place to provide relevant targets specific to the work of each FAO division. As was highlighted during the event, the central themes permeating the Strategy are communication, collaboration, and cooperation which are paramount to its success. FAO employees worldwide were called to unite in a common purpose, to work together over the course of the next decade to ensure a sustainable future.

For more information on the strategy please refer to the factsheet or read the full strategy here.

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