3 March 2022 The Pledge to Act Sustainably at UNICEF

UNICEF staff are pledging to take action for a cleaner, safer future for every child. Launched late January 2022, The Pledge to Act Sustainably at UNICEF is an initiative to spur greater staff commitment and action to environmental responsibility - in and outside the workplace. Former UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore invites UNICEF staff to sign the pledge.

By signing the pledge, staff members get an opportunity to reflect on their own consumption habits and gain insightful knowledge on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and paperless practices. Once a staff member signs the pledge, a green leaf indicator is added to their profile in the UNICEF Global Directory to make their commitment visible and to inspire more staff to join.

Staff are encouraged to share feedback on how they are consciously translating the pledge into action including lifestyles changes that help to reduce environmental impact. These are also incorporated in the Pledge SharePoint site to motivate colleagues.  By committing to adopt environmentally conscious choices and behavior, UNICEF staff members will set a good example for the children and youth they serve, while walking the talk on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Over 500 staff members have signed the pledge in the first two weeks of its launch, with more green leaves appearing every day in the Global Directory. The Pledge is expected to evoke greater engagements on finding sustainable solutions to daily actions such as choosing public transportation or saying “no” to single use plastics, effectively rallying staff to making behavioral changes.

The Pledge to Act Sustainably is expected to expand beyond UNICEF and can even become an effective model that organizations can adapt to catalyze their internal behavioral change initiatives.

Ensuring children’s wellbeing is not possible in a polluted world and the future of children depends on what we do today, hence UNICEF staff members are committing to maintaining a clean environment for every child.


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