12 September 2023 Sustainable Procurement at WIPO

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) prioritizes sustainability in many aspects of its operations and activities, including procurement. The sustainable procurement approach requires several mandatory layers of sustainability to be incorporated and respected by all suppliers.  

For example, WIPO’s cleaning provider is contractually obligated to ensure that cleaning supplies, equipment and cleaning techniques are respectful of the environment and reduce water use. Given these requirements, an innovative cleaning solution was implemented within the Geneva Headquarters that eliminates the need for traditional cleaning chemicals. 

The Tersano™ system transforms tap water into ozonated water, a powerful cleaning agent for hard surfaces and floors and eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. Used on a daily basis, this system helps WIPO reduce its environmental impact through reductions of cardboard packaging and water, omitting single-use plastics and chemical waste and significantly reducing transport emissions. Additionally, Tersano™ is not only better for the environment but also improves health and safety. It is a chemical, carcinogen and allergen-free solution; requiring no mixing or pouring, it significantly reduces risk and training requirements. This cost-effective solution has been a game-changer for WIPO’s cleaning practices and serves as a great example of the organization’s sustainable procurement policies and their wide-reaching benefits. 

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